New Functionality in s4/HANA Simple Finance

Single source of truth between transactions and paralytics, to eliminate and reduce cycle times and reconciliation of data.

New Reprintings and analytical capabilities for finance users with self service access to all information, allowing timely decision.

Optimal collaboration with all stakeholders and institutions, Customer, Suppliers, Banks, and authorities.

Predictive Paralytics exploit - Rapid planning and forecasting.

External global regulatory compliance.

1. New Central table

1.1 ACDOCA will contain all data, Views will be created to support the old tables BKPF and BSEG tables. No Special table is required to get the open Customer / Vendor balances can be done directly from ACDOCA.

1.2 Reconciliation efforts reduced, ( No aggregates, No separation OLTP & OLAP, No sub Ledger)

1.3 Optimised transactions FI closing ( PCA), AA ( Depreciation run), CO Costing( Settlement and Result Analysis.